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Le Coq Sportif

 Mozart's Blues

Presse (Francais)Puschkin a écrit : "No, it is not easy to carry the name of Mozart from the age of nine, because of your exceptional talent, even less so in an activity as demanding as tennis...

A sport where even in one’s own half of the territory, one can not escape attention. A sport in which one is, in the real sense, 150 days a year a winner or a loser. Listening to Richard Gasquet expressing himself after Miami – despite a job, a reputation, a bank account envied by all youngsters of his age – he does not manage to convince himself that he is happy. His way to come back without interruption on himself, on his shaky public image proves that despite his denials, the pain of not being able to fulfil all the crowd’s attentions still haunts him.

In his case, the expectations are enormous. Exaggerated? The follow-up of his career will tell. But to camp in the Top Ten at the age of 21 would be perceived by 99 % of the players as an achievement. Not for him, the Mozart of the yellow ball. Quite rightly so, if one does not blame him for having asked for too much. So, under the burden of these judgements, Richard Gasquet sometimes falters. Mentally and perhaps physically with his recurring problems, like this blister on the hand, which comes up before big events. The young over-gifted does not have all the means. He lacks inherent confidence and the natural aggression which makes the alpha-animals and often the complete champions. He is neither McEnroe, nor Lendl. He is Gasquet. And this is not always easy, despite the glitter.

Today, lacking results, he has difficulties to fight the thinking which already pushed him, in 2004, to envisage quitting. Withdrawal at the age of 18! He managed to defeat this temptation of flight. It comes sometimes back in front of obstacles. To fight it, he has convinced himself that there are no deadlines to respect. During the last years he accepted that he did not have to march along with Nadal, or even Djokovic, of his fellow-generation, that he had time to let is talent mature.

But professional sports are an activity in which one has little time. As in the whole business of entertainment, one gives the crowd which finances you what in expects from you in due time, if not, you pay the price that you are criticised. And in Davis Cup you have even less time, even more so when you are expected to carry the gown of the leader.

In these periods of doubt, Mozart sings the blues. Like a sleepless, for whom thinking about sleep is the definite way not to fall asleep. He knows that reflecting about the reasons of his failures is a guarantee to lose his natural geniuous instinct, because the line between posing questions and continuous doubts is a thin one.

Well, when confronting now a team of the level of the United States, doubts are not permitted. Paradoxically, Tsonga’s withdrawal, which takes away from Richard a shadow to hide behind, is perhaps an opportunity for him. When one is with the back at the wall, one can only move forward: PLEASE, PLAY IT AGAIN, MOZART..

Philippe Bouin, L’Equipe, 10. April 2008, translated by Puschkin



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